About us

WFSA has emerged as a result of the coming together of like minds and spirit of those individuals who were present at the gathering following the World Freestyle Championship Contest and Reunion held November 11th, 2000 in San Francisco California. And from the expressed interests and desires of various active freestylers, old and new, who had been communicating their ideas and views on-line through the International Network of Flatland Freestyle Skateboarding.

The nature and scope of WFSA is to address the needs of freestyle skateboarders as athletes, artists, and individuals.

The primary function of the WFSA is to promote contest activity and participation. Additional functions, goals, activities, and “special features” of WFSA are designed to allow the association to be a positive, innovative, flexible, and responsive service organization.

WFSA acknowledges freestyle skateboarders as whole and complete individuals with many goals and responsibilities in life both in and outside of the freestyle community. WFSA will seek to become a positive, influential and stabilizing element in the mainstream of the skateboarding world.

WFSA is designed to create an expandable, flexible, and responsive organization. The WFSA will be comprised of an Executive Director, a Board of Directors, an Area Representatives Board, and an Advisory board. The Area Reps. will be key active, knowledgeable and dedicated individuals who live in various communities throughout the world who will be “available” to the freestylers in their area for support and communications. Area Reps. may also be active in seeking out new members, new locations for events, and generating ideas for products, activities and services. The quality and variety of the Area Reps. input and actions should reflect the style, trends, and views of the members in their area and there by insure that diversity and creativity is allowed to flourish. Area Reps. may develop chapter groups to better promote localized activities and involvement and establish regional contests, events and demo teams.

The Board of Directors and the Advisory Board will be comprised of individuals who have demonstrated, by their accomplishments, the ability to establish challenging goals and to make quality decisions that have allowed them to achieve those goals in a creative and timely manner.