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WFSA Website is back!

Posted 2016-04-30

We finally have the control of the domain and website again. After a long time with problems with our hosting, the WFSA website is back. We will soon deliver a updated version of the website.

– Denis Sopovic

World Championships 2013, England

Posted 2013-07-26
World Championships 2013
Contest site for the 2013 World Championships in England.

The World Championships 2013 was held in England at the NASS festival. The contest itself was a huge success and well received by the NASS visitors. But due to the rough surface and less competitors than the last few years (all from Europe except girl amateur skater Mirei from Japan, that competed with the guys and also entered the street contest), some competitors choose to see this World Championships more as a European Championships. But it was nevertheless a top World event, considering the skaters who entered, and the winners can be proud of holding the World Championships titles 2013.

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World Round-Up taking freestyle to new levels

Posted 2013-05-29
Some of the competitors and staff at the 2013 World Round-Up are up to something.

The World Round-Up 2013 was a huge success, with one of the strongest competitions ever. According to legendary freestyler Kevin Harris it was the best freestyle contest ever.

In recent years it has been difficult to make the skateboard industry back up and sponsor freestyle skateboard contests and skate media don't care much about freestyle. Could it be because freestyle is not considered cool enough? Well, one of the coolest skateboard company ever thinks different, and stepped in as one of the main sponsor of the event. Thank you Skull Skates for your support! Skull Skates even made a special event deck and gave to all contestants! So if freestyle is cool enough for Skull Skates, will we soon see other skateboard companys backing up freestyle more?

The Round-Up format of two or three (two in seedings and three in semifinals and finals) one minute runs was well received, even though some freestylers would like to see a two minute run also. The format made for a fast paced contest with little time for the judges to contemplate over the judging, so they had a difficult job, but did a really good job. Amateurs judged the Professionals and the Professionals judged the Amatuers. It is debateable if this is the best, but until we have enough experienced judges to sit at the judging table this is unquestionable the best way.

Local skater Ryan Brynelson put on a smile on his face and took first place in the amateur division. Brazilian skater Kaue Araujo took second place and in third place Canadian allround skater Andy Anderson. The only female skater was Mic Murayama, and she did a great job skating with the guys and placing 8th.

In the Pro division the top ten could all had taken first, and in the finals very little separated the top ten. Mike Osterman from the USA made it top three for the first time in the Pro division. Seya Nakano from Japan showed some Japanese tech magic and took second in his first contest abroad and first time competing in the Pro division. Guenter Mokulys placed second after Darryl Grogan last year, but this year he stepped it up and got the $4000 pricemoney.

Three days of competitions and the fourth day demos, made this event into something more than just a contest. It was almost like a skateboard camp, and we are all already looking forward to next years Round-Up in Vancouver, Canada for competition, demos, jam sessions and hanging out together.

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Major contests in 2013 lining up!

Posted 2013-02-23

World Round-Up 2013
May 17–21 2013
Vancouver, Canada

Paderborn World Cup 2013
July 6–7 2013,
Paderborn, Germany

World Championships 2013
July 11–13 2013
Somerset, England, at the NASS festival

Hans Lucas stepping down as the secretary

Posted 2013-02-23
Hans Lucas
Hans Lucas performing the Pierre-André tailwheelie, also called Hans Lucas wheelies.

A big thank you to Hans Lucas for serving several years as the secretary for the WFSA, and thank you for everything you have done for freestyle as a whole and for individual freestylers. What you brought to the WFSA with your organization skills has meant a lot. It was a blessing having you on board when Bob Staton left.

Hans Lucas is stepping down as a the secretary due to health reasons, and we wish him a speedy recovery, and not giving up.

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